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Lets face it, Dial-Up access is a thing of the past!  Did you know that High Speed Internet does not chew up your phone line?  With Comcast Cable Internet, your High Speed Internet comes threw the same wire as your Cable TV.  With Verizon DSL, your phone line will not be effected and you can talk on the phone at the same time as being online.  With Verizon Fios, a new cable comes into the house and converts to TV, Phone, & High Speed Internet.

Key Benefits To High Speed

  • No More Missed Calls Or 2nd Phone Line
  • Up To 50x faster then Dial-Up
  • Cheaper Priced Then Some Dial-Up Services


Pricing (for single PC hook-up, for multiple PC's or devices Click Here)



Dial Up (includes Modem If Needed) $59.99
Comcast High Speed (Includes Network Adaptor For PC If Needed)                    $59.99
Verizon DSL (Includes Network Adaptor For PC If Needed)        $59.99
Verizon Fios (Includes Network Adaptor For PC If Needed)        $59.99

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