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                  This Sheet Is Intended To Be Used As A Guide Line For A New Laptop.  Please Specify All Options You Feel Apply.
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Primary Use Of Laptop:   Education   Video Recording   Graphic Design   Games
Internet Type:     Dial-Up   High Speed   NA   NA
Display Size:     14.1"   15.4"   17"   Lowest Price
Hard Drive Size:   100Gb   120Gb   160Gb   Lowest Price
Operating System:   Windows Vista   Windows XP   NA   NA
Printer: (All-In-One Printers Include Copy Basic Ink Jet   All-In-One Ink Jet   Custom    None
Scan, Print)                  
Internet Security Software/Anti-Virus: Norton   McAfee   TREND MICRO - PC-Cillin   None
(TREND MICRO top rated + Lowest Cost)              
Additional Options: (Hardware/Software)              
Please Specify All Additional Details/